1. A cradle-type carp mat, a tripod, and a bag for weighing fish (provided by the lake owner).
  2.  A landing net with arms spacing of min. 100 cm.
  3.  Lines of at least 0.30 mm (any type of braid is forbidden to be use)).
  4. A mono shock leader with a minimum diameter of 0.50 mm and a minimum length of 15 meters is mandatory.
  5. Leadcore minimum 1m long.
  6. Micro barbed hooks only, banana hooks are not allowed.
  7. Anglers need to have disinfectant.
  8. Fishing only with safety clips. Centric leads are not allowed.
  9. Obligation to have a certified (CE) pontoon or boat at the swim.
  10. Due to the large number of snags, roots, trees and other obstacles, the mandatory equipment of every angler should include accessories for catching and unhooking fishing lines like treble hooks, anchors etc. (update 12.10.2023)


  1. Obligation to reel fish from the boats. ALWAYS!
  2. Obligation to have life jackets.
  3. Baiting with grains/particles and tiger nuts is fully prohibited!
  4. It is allowed to use prepared grains in the months of June, July, August and September.
  5. It is allowed to fish with a maximum of 6 rods from one swim. The exceptions are swims 1 and 5, where, with the prior consent of the owner of the lake and an additional payment of 1000 PLN (week), it is possible to fish with 9 rods.
  6. Maximum 3 anglers are allowed to fish from the swims.
  7. It is allowed to fish using bait boats.
  8. The owner reserves the right to inspect rigs, auxiliary equipment and, in justified cases, cars of lake users.


  1. The safety and health of fish is our top priority.
  2. There is an absolute ban on killing and taking fish on the lake, we fish in accordance with the “no kill” rule.
  3. It is forbidden to store fish in bags. In exceptional cases, the owner of the lake may allow it.
  4. All fish must be immediately released into the water after catching and possibly taking a photo in such a way that their health and life are not endangered.
  5. In case of suspicion of stealing fish from the fishery, the owner has the right to carry out an inspection. A person who commits theft will be charged a fine of 1000 PLN for each kilogram of fish and will be immediately removed from the lake, without the right to return the fee and with the possibility of refusing to admit such a person to the lake in the future.
  6. All cases of fish theft, poaching in the lake, property theft or destruction will be reported to law enforcement authorities. Damages caused to the owner because of such proceedings will be claimed in civil proceedings before the court.


  1. We accept only weekly bookings of swims and their multiples, i.e. Saturday from 14:00 to the next Saturday until 10:00. Reservations are made online, on our website in the reservations tab.
  2. The deposit is not refundable if the reservation is canceled for reasons other than those related to the lake.
  3. The remaining part of the fee is settled at the lake on the day of arrival.
  4. Swims 1 to 8 are not accessible by car. It is obligatory to cross on boats.
  5. The staff of the lake, as far as possible, helps with the crossing.
  6. Cars of users of the lake must be parked in the designated car park before crossing to the swims.
  7. It is forbidden to consume alcohol on the lake.
  8. Minors may stay at the fishery only in the presence of their legal guardians or persons authorized by them.
  9. Dogs are allowed on the lake, however full responsibility rests with the pet owner.
  10. Stay of an accompanying person who is not fishing – PLN 40 / day.
  11. Leaving the swim and the lake in order to go, for example, for shopping or other needs, may take place from 9.00 to 19.00. Outside these hours, it is forbidden to leave the lake. This does not apply to random events.


  1. The fishery is equipped with a sanitary module – toilet and shower – use included in the price of fishing.
  2. The houses are equipped with kitchen accessories (kettle, cutlery, pots, board, cups, etc.), induction hob, 3 beds, heating, air conditioning and TV.
  3. The electricity fee is included in the price of fishing.
  4. It is strictly forbidden to use any other heating sources than those that are part of the house’s equipment.
  5. It is forbidden to use other devices for cooking, baking, etc. inside the house than those provided in the house.
  6. Upon arrival in to the house, please check the compliance of the actual state of the equipment and devices with the list.
  7. In case of doubt, the owner of the lake should be notified.
  8. Anglers are obliged to clean the house before leaving it and to take the rubbish to the dumpster located at the entrance.
  9. It is forbidden to light bonfires.
  10. Please grill only in the designated area.
  11. Smoking is STRICTLY PROHIBITED in the cottages!


  1. The owner of the lake is not responsible for random accidents and property left on the lake and introduced to the lake. Each person who decides to fish on the lake does so at their own risk. The owner of the lake is not responsible for the ability to use it or for the effects of fishing. Persons under the age of 18 may use the area of the lake only under the care of a legal guardian. Each angler and his accompanying persons may use lake in such a way as not to disturb others. It is forbidden to litter the area, destroy vegetation, settle physiological needs outside the toilet, and take a bath in the lake.
  2. Staying on the lake is tantamount to accepting and signing the regulations.
  3. Persons who do not comply with the regulations of the lake will be removed from the lake without the right to return the fee and with the possibility of refusing to admit such a person to the lake in the future.
  4. Matters not described in these regulations should be agreed with the owner.
  5. Persons making a reservation at Magnum Carp Lake agree to the processing of personal data. The administrator of your data is Łowisko Karpiowe SP Z O. O. Spółka Komandytowa. Personal data will be processed only for the purpose of renting a position pursuant to Art. 6 para. 1 lit. b of the general regulation on the protection of personal data of April 27, 2016.​
  6. I grant Magnum Carp Lake the right to use photos with my image without the need to approve them each time. The consent covers the use, recording, processing and reproduction of the photos taken, unlimited use and disposal of the photos, and in particular: public use of the photos, their recording, use for marketing, promotional and advertising purposes by Magnum Carp Lake.